Sci-comm + Outreach

Sci-Comm & Outreach work

Invited Guest: Interview (Uploaded on Youtube)

I was invited to an amazing interview with Siddharth Gupta from the College Companion.Ā 

In this interview, we discussed everything about research, seeking and gaining remote opportunities, skills, academic Twitter, and lastly some very important advice when starting your career in academia, especially when coming from a developing nation.

Open Science InitiativesĀ 

The #dev-ersity in academia (#DIA) is an initiative founded by Munna and me. We aim to provide a space for researchers around the globe, especially the underrepresented population that conduct research in developmental psychology and interdisciplinary subjects like cognitive science. You can read more about it here or click on the logo.

The Project Underrepresented Students of Psychology & Allied Sciences (USPAS) is founded by me and a work-in-progress with a wonderful co-founder, Anushka Kumar, and a core team.

Invited Guest podcaster: Inclusivity in AcademiaĀ 

I was invited to a podcast series, Breaking The Facts and, this episode talked about the lack of inclusivity in academia as a disabled student. We discussed the need of highlighting themes on mental health as one of the most neglected conversations in academia and STEM and the importance of one's experience in academia with it. You can hear the podcast here.

Hosted by Mahima Samraik, a Final year IISER-Mohali student.

Invited Talk: Academic Twitter for International students 101Ā 

The session was aimed specifically at Nigerian undergrad and grad students in spreading more awareness on the Academic twitter community. The slides for the session are here. (September 2022)

**This session was co-led with Pooja Kulkarni

Guest Workshop Host: Navigating Research Opportunities in Academia 101

Neurathon, a workshop series organized by Simply Neuroscience (July 2022)

One of the panelist on a panel on Understanding BPD and Paths to Recovery

2nd BPD Fest, Organized by Emotions Matter, Inc. (May 2022)

Workshop Assistance: An Introduction to EEGĀ 

Workshop organized for undergrad students. It was conducted in person at Axxonet Brain Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India. (April 2022)

**Co-led the session with Munna R SĀ 

Featured articles: Click on the icon for the articles on Gender and SRHR

Served as the Editor and Associate Head of the Editorial Department. Click on the icon for the articles on Gender and SRHR.

Tedx Organizer and Licensee. Click on the icon for more details on the event that took place in 2019 on campus.

I write articles on Medium covering topics around academia, and mental health and hope to cover more on disability, inclusivity, etc.Ā 

I also hope to publish more articles on sci-communication and my experiences as a disabled student in academia soon.