The academic and non-academic bits and pieces of my life in a year

My first in-person lab experience has led me - not only some knowledge but also confidence in conducting research and understanding worth ethics. I have also found great company and a good set of friends. Here's a token of memories that I would always associate with the ABRL (Axxonet Brain Research Laboratory) that we did as a group. 

From traveling for an hour plus from home to lab each day to taking tiny breaks and having great deep conversations.

Meet Simba, the cute beautiful cat that Arjun and I rescued and is currently been taken care of in the lab. 

Just some virtual conference memories. This year was the first time I started to present at conference virtually :")

Presented virtually at my first International conference (oral presentation) on a topic that I worked on for so long. (April 2022)

I won my first best poster presentation award Internationally at the BPS PsyPAG 2022 Conference (July 2022)

My remote research assistant positions have taught me a lot. 

Here's a tiny 'made my day' screenshot of the academic community on twitter. (the list is longer than just these screenshots)

Here are some pictures from 2023 academic milestone (including a fully-funded workshop and travel award) - pictures coming soon!