Updated: November 2022

Note: All the resources below are credited and linked. For any questions on the below, please contact the linked resource person. The resources created by me are from my experience and I am not an expert :)

How to secure a remote RA position amidst the pandemic as an International Student

Resources for CV & cover letter/cold-email + slides for building Academic Twitter

Navigating Academic Twitter + Opportunities - Slides from the talk I gave at Simply Neuroscience Workshop

**The slides include a cover letter template created by me - that I used to apply to these positions

How to apply to labs with zero to some experience (from my experience when I was applying)

How to apply to labs with zero to some experience - Materials created for the Neurathon workshop organized by Simply Neuroscience 2022

A list of excel sheets/tweets containing important resources related to research in psychology & cognitive science. (Hoping to add more lists in an excel sheet)

Indian Psych/Cog Sci Labs database

For those interested in Developmental Psychology, Munna and I have started an initiative, #devpsych Journal Club. You can read about it more below.

I am also compiling resources for neuroimaging techniques. (Get in touch with me if you have any resources. It would be great if they are related to infant studies, but in general, any resource works)

Here's a list of funded Masters in the US compiled by Dr. Linda J. Skitka that can be found on a website containing resources maintained by Dr. Meltem Yucel on Psych Research List.

Here's a podcast by Dwarkanath Prabhu who discusses a myriad of things one should know about life as an International student in the US (this is specifically the perspective of an Indian student and is no expert views but shared experiences). The podcast has more than 50 episodes about two International students navigating abroad from India. The 50th Episode covers their experience with the visa process with very important information on different visas.

A very first podcast by two Indians with information on life abroad, culture shock, networking, dating, immigration, and more - Description of the podcast.

More information on the twitter: Veg & Non-Veg Podcast🏳️‍🌈 (@vegandnonvegpod) / Twitter


50th episode on visa:

A well-curated list of resources on applying to grad school by Noah T. Reed (PhD student at Yale University). It's uploaded on their website with a drive that has organized all the resources so well!!

Examples of Grad School Personal Statements by Craig Rodriguez-Seijas, PhD & Jessica Schleider, PhD (Document) + Open Access Tips/Materials for Clinical Psych PhD Applications by Mallory L. Dobias (Blog)

Graduate School Application by Jamil Zaki (Twitter + document) + Columbia University, Department of Psychology podcast on the process and tips on applying to grad school. (Youtube) + Harvard University's resource - PRO-TiP by the Department of Psychology.

This is a resource created by PhD students at the Department of Psychology, Harvard University. It consists of a series of videos by Professors from Harvard.

REACH for Graduate School in Psychology (Website) + Graduate School Application Resources by Emily Bibby, current PhD student (Document) + Psychin'Out colligated resources (Drive folder)

As an international student coming from a background in Social Sciences/Humanities, Programming was the last thing on my mind. As I started navigating through the process of applying for Research Assistant (RA) positions and Grad school, I learned R as one of the requirements while conducting research. While it seems scary, it's easy when you have great resources to help you learn it.

Video lectures on learning R by Kirsten Morehouse, a current Harvard Grad student (Website) + Learning Statistics with R by Danielle Navarro (Website) + Additional resources attached via a Twitter thread.

Additionally, my wonderful friend and ex-lab partner, Munna R S from my previous in-person lab have taken the initiative to collect resources for students like myself to learn different programming languages (Eg: Python, MATLAB, etc). I have attached the document that is created and maintained by him which contains a list of helpful resources and here is the form if you want to add any more helpful resources to the database.

Resources for learning Programming Languages for Psychological Research

Writing to prospective Faculty Advisor, a thread on Twitter by Prerana Sabnis, PhD + Sanya Jain shared tips on cold emailing faulty. (Twitter)

Click on the picture to access the Twitter thread :)

Click on the picture to access the Twitter thread :)

International Student navigating Grad school by Eric Neumann (Twitter) + Claire Whiting's guide on applying to PhD programs in the US (website) and Northeastern's resource for International students. (Website) + An International student resource via Instagram reels by Anshita Singh (recently got accepted to grad school in the US) + Shreya Mukhopadhyay from India who is (currently a PhD student at UC Irvine) shared her resources. Additionally, Stuti Pachisia (Twitter) beautifully written guide on navigating grad school from the global south perspective.

How to craft a CV + Cover Letter by UC Davis and Yale (Website)

Resources for Post-Bac Research Assistant Positions (useful for someone that just recently graduated with a bachelor's/Masters) by Dr. Meltem Yucel + A lot of more useful resources and list on the website they created.

Mentorship Programs (International students can benefit a lot from)

P.S I was a part of the PREP Program organized by Harvard University and found it very useful.

PREP Program by Harvard University

Next-Gen Psych Scholars Program by University of Minnesota

Paths to PhD by Stanford University

Cientifico Latino

Project Short

P.S I will keep updating this list and organizing them in an excel sheet. There are lot more resources out there and a lot to learn and I will try my best to have some of them in one place.