Updated a list of things I applied to but did not make it through here 

P.S These are not arranged in order of the month but in the year.

2021 list of labs

**Additionally I applied to a lot more labs in the same university and or had more that I lost track of due to rejections and or no response :)

2022 list of labs (the year that changed a lot of things)

I have also written an article on my two cents on the above that caters to taking the step to apply to such positions as an International student and just a summary of my experience with the above. - Again not an expert, just my personal experiences and views. 

2023 Misc/Academic:

All the materials for the below are uploaded on the research and resources page :)


July 2023: I was accepted and started working as a Research Assistant to work remotely with New York University at Dr. Brito's ISLAND Lab

July 2023: Munna & I organized the CogSci BLR 2023 which was a hybrid event focused on members interested in cognitive science and allied sciences.

July 2023: I was invited to co-lead a workshop on navigating conferences and communication etiquette for high school and undergrad students by Simply Neuroscience. You can find our talk here.

July 2023: I was awarded the Young Investigator Award by the Fetal, Infant & Toddler Neuroimaging Group (FIT'NG). I also presented a poster at the FIT'NG 2023 conference. Here's the Poster + video presentation| 

August 2023: I was selected as an experiential advisory board member among a huge pool of applicants to serve on the group of 10 lived experience experts for Project GALENOS

August 2023: I gave another invited talk to Nigerian students on expanding the boundaries of Psychology: The importance of an interdisciplinary lens from the Global South. The slides for the talk are here.

October 2023: I was selected as a co-creator for Sangath India's Queer Chronicles. I was also awarded a fully-funded travel award and accommodation for the in-person workshop and meeting.

October 2023: I was honored to speak at the invited panel discussion at the Big Team Science (BTS) 2023 conference for the topic I am leading in a big team science paper on open science in developing nations. You can read about the project here. I also co-led a hackathon session on diversifying infant studies and had a great discussion, you can find more information here.

November 2023: I was selected from a huge pool of applicants to serve as a Youth Advocate at UNICEF India's YuWaah’s cohort of Youth Advisory 2023-2024. 

November 2023: I am honored to be selected as one of the five youth reviewers to serve on the 2nd Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing - Multi-disciplinary Adolescent and Youth Review Group. 


January 2023: I became the Founder of the Project USPAS (Underrepresented Students of Psychology & Allied Sciences)  Website is here | 

**Restarted this project from January, originally founded in 2022 June from a strong roundtable discussion at the SIPS 2022 conference.

January 2023: I gave an invited talk on writing SRHR articles at the Pratisandhi Foundation.

January 2023: I was invited to talk about navigating research opportunities on the YouTube channel - College Companion by Siddharth Gupta 

February 2023: Munna & I received our first microgrant (1200$) for co-organizing CogSci BLR Meet-up 2023 (blog about it coming soon)

May 2023: I was invited to another wonderful panel discussion on navigating academia and PhD applications as an International Student organized by Virginia Commonwealth University. You can watch the video here.

May 2023: I was selected for Sangath India's Peer for Equity (P4E) fellowship focused on research and advocacy work for the disabled community. I was awarded 30,000 INR for the short-term fellowship and the output was a research proposal (will be putting it out publically).

June 2023: I started working as a research collaborator with the University of Cambridge.


July 2022: I led a workshop in the workshop series called Neurathon organized by Simply Neuroscience on navigating academic opportunities 101. Spoke about creating and navigating academic Twitter + different ways of approaching academic opportunities. You can find the video of the workshop here.

July 2022: My abstract for a pre-data poster was accepted at the 38th Annual Psychology Postgraduate Affairs group conference 2022 organized by the British Psychological Society 2022. My pre-data poster WON THE BEST POSTER AWARD with a small cash prize.

July 2022: I joined as a committee member of the Inclusive, Diversity, Equity, Access (IDEA) Committee at the Society For The Improvement Of Psychological Science (SIPS)

September 2022: I was invited to give a talk remotely to Nigerian students, organized by Everything Psych on navigating Academic Twitter with Pooja Kulkarni. | Materials can be found here

October 2022: I was invited to a beautiful podcast called 'Breaking The Facts' led by Mahima Samraik, an IISER Mohali student. | You can hear the podcast here. 

November 2022: Co-founder of the #dev-ersity in academia (#DIA). For more info here. I co-founded this with the amazing Munna R S

December 2022: I won the Best Google Site Award organized by The Academic Designer, LLC


Feb 2022: I was accepted to my first ever virtual Research Assistant Position at @Harvard's Spelke Lab and I worked there during the summer.

Feb 2022: I started to mentor pro-bono in navigating such research opportunities. Update: I have crossed 70+ students reviewing applications pro-bono

March 2022: I received my first-ever acceptance to an International conference to present my first-ever paper. I will be presenting my paper at the 5th Annual Diversifying Scholarship Research Conference  Conference. 

March 2022: I was accepted and started working during the summer as a research intern at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (IIT-GN), India. 

April 2022 (birthday month): I received my first-ever acceptance to an International conference to present my first-ever paper. I will be presenting my paper at the 5th Annual Diversifying Scholarship Research Conference  Conference. 

May 2022: Super excited to announce that I accepted the Research Assistant Position at UCLA Language Lab and will remotely contribute to the lab with different sci-comm & conducting experiments remotely on infants.

May 2022: I got invited to be one of the panelists at a virtual conference. This conference aimed to educate & advocate for the public about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I spoke on the lived experience and navigating BPD. One main reason why I am particularly excited was to bring in the non-WEIRD country's perspective to this panel.

June 2022: My abstract for a pre-data poster and roundtable session proposal was accepted at the 7th Annual Society for Improvement Psychological Science (SIPS) meeting, 2022.